chic.feature: Berries for Spring!

shari's berries.

Florals aren’t the only thing ‘blooming’ with the new Spring weather! With the gorgeous temperatures come some of my favourite foods – berries!

While they are delicious to eat, berries can be inspirational to beauty and style inspiration. From scents, patterns and shades, berries inspire us all year round to add a little Spring to your wardrobe!

I’ve partnered with SHARI’s BERRIES to talk about how ‘berries’ inspire my #SweetStyle! See how berry colours, shades, patterns and scents influence my wardrobe, under the cut.

signature Buytopia & The Body Shop Collaborate!

Body Shop 353

It goes without saying that we here at chic.toronto are BIG fans of THE BODY SHOP. Take a gander at contributor Alessandra’s posts, and just see how much the company factors into her life. From the sounds of it, the readers are big fans too – the most popular posting on chic.toronto continues to be a THE BODY SHOP post!

Well, for all us fans of THE BODY SHOP – we’ve got great news.

signature Etsy Comes to Chapters Indigo

Etsy @ Chapters

My two favourite loves are combining in an epic collaboration that is sure to please the masses.

ETSY and CHAPTERS INDIGO have partnered up to bring us a range of homemade goods from North American ETSY shops to our local CHAPTERS INDIGO Eaton Center location.

Get ready for a whole lotta talent, under the cut.

signature The Body Shop ‘Vitamin E’ Overnight Serum-In-Oil

Vitamin E Serum Collage

Alessandra is back again with another new THE BODY SHOP review! This time, the new and ultra-coveted VITAMIN E SERUM-IN-OIL.

Okay, I have to admit I was so excited after hearing about the launch of this new product. This past year I’ve started using serums and oils and have really enjoyed them. I already use THE BODY SHOP’s VITAMIN E EYE CREAM, FACE MIST and BB CREAM so I knew their new VITAMIN E OVERNIGHT SERUM-IN-OIL would be amazing.


style.picks: Florals for Spring 2014

“Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking.”Miranda Priestley

The infamous line from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!

It’s simple – Spring means a bouquet of bountiful florals in both the garden and in our daily fashion. Florals never go out of style and they are relatively easy to pull off, regardless of fashionable ability. Florals can be simple, bold, colourful, muted, or bright.

I’ve got a few floral items for Spring that will help you revamp your 2014 Spring wardrobe without breaking the budget. Keep reading!


signature Purified by Brian Smith

Purified Novel

Science fiction, horror, suspense – oh my!

I love showcasing Canadian content – I’ve got a special soft spot especially for Canadian writers. When I was contacted by author named Brian Smith, I was immediately drawn into his debut novel synopsis PURIFIED. Besides the fact that it was outside of my normal genre, I knew I had to give it a chance.

What would you do if you were given a second chance at life?

signature L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Extreme

Total Repair Extreme

Confession time – this harsh winter has completely destroyed my hair. I’m talking immensely dry, static-prone, flyaway, limp, dead hair.

Lucky for me, I’ve found a solution in the latest L’OREAL PARIS Spring releases. Even better? It costs less than a cup of coffee. A big thanks to L’OREAL PARIS TOTAL REPAIR EXTREME – read on for my review.


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