November 9 by Colleen Hoover

november 9th

One of my favourite things in the world is finding a new author who I absolutely fall in love with. Bonus points if they have an entire literary library that I can devour my way through. Enter Colleen Hoover.

I LOVED the concept of this book. While NOVEMBER 9 by Colleen Hoover sounds similar to other novels out there (ahem, One Day), it actually gives an entirely new twist on the idea. A thoroughly enjoyable read.


monday.must: One of a Kind Christmas Show 2015


Seriously, what do you do when you lose your writing mojo? One month between posts and I’m still hesitant about what I want to write!

Thank God for a little creative inspiration from one of my favourite yearly shows. Coming this weekend is Toronto’s ONE OF A KIND CHRISTMAS SHOW 2015 … and it’s definitely a must attend.

(more…) NineWest Spring 2016 Collection Preview

What happens when you lose your writing mojo?

You take a month off.

I don’t think I’ve grasped my passion back yet, but thankfully I have wonderful people like Kathryn to put a little inspiration within my grasp. Check out Kathyn’s wonderful post on NINE WEST’s new Spring 2016 collection below.

From metallic, suede and denim, to dainty straps, thick buckles and frills, to causal, classic or funky, this NINE WEST 2016 Spring collection is stunning and has everything any on-the-go lady could need! 
(more…) infinitiPro Conair Quick Twist

conair curler

With the NATIONAL WOMEN’S SHOW coming up this weekend, I have an exclusive look at one of the products you’ll find showcased at the event (and from the NATIONAL WOMEN’S SHOW host!) … and it’s from one of my favourite brands ever!

The infinitiPRO by Conair BRAID MAKER falls in line with last year’s revolutionary product the CURL SECRET – it’s going to change up your hair game, big time. My only question – where was this product last month when I had over 12 inches of glorious hair?!


beauty.feature: Dot & Lil ‘Fall / Winter’ Collection

By far, one of my favourite brands ever is Montreal based DOT & LIL. A smattering of beauty and bath products, I instantly fell in love with the brand when I was introduced to them many years ago. To this day, the DOT & LIL soaps are the only soaps I will use (the now defunct Sweet Pea Flower soap will forever have a hold on my heart).

What I love about the brand is it’s constant evolution. Over the years, impressive packaging, facial care, and home goods have emerged from the brilliant creator Anne’s mind. Now, DOT & LIL is a must-stop shop for all your bath and body needs … and perhaps some fun vintage finds!

Below the cut are my favourite picks from the Fall and Winter 2015 collection. Keep reading!

(more…) The New Hunger by Isaac Marion


THE NEW HUNGER_9781476799650-cover

Here’s the thing I didn’t know before I delved into this novel. THE NEW HUNGER by Isaac Marion is a prequel / sequel to WARM BODIES (a novel which I have not read but have watched the movie). That being said, I devoured (pun intended?) this novel in an hour and a half.

Well executed, highly original, and strangely endearing, THE NEW HUNGER is a must read for fans of Warm Bodies and the zombie franchise.


monday.must: Palmers ‘Must Have’ Beauty Items + GIVEAWAY

photo 1

New facial beauty products make me SO happy. New cleansing oils make me esctatic.

When I heard that PALMER’s was releasing a new SKIN THERAPY CLEANSING OIL specifically for the face, I was beyond thrilled. Everything that I love about PALMER’s products in a handy facial oil? Sign me up! The best part? That wasn’t even the end of PALMER’S ‘Must Have’ beauty items ….. with PALMER’s three point oil collection containing SKIN THERAPY CLEANSING OIL FACE, SKIN THERAPY OIL ROSEHIP, and SKIN THERAPY OIL FACE (sound the same but are very different), you are covered from head to toe.

Interesting in picking up a set for yourself? Keep reading!


chic.toronto.fave: Saje Wellness

Saje Wellness

At first, I thought I’d break up this absolutely wonderful and fabulous post. But then I thought … why take away from Alessandra’s brilliant review? Thus, a new chic.toronto.fave was born.

Alright, I have to come clean, I have become obsessed with Essential Oils over the past few months, like full-blown OBSESSED! I was first introduced to the world of essential oils and the amazing Canadian company SAJE NATURAL WELLNESS through our friend Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews on Instagram after she posted a photo of the goodies she bought from the Toronto SAJE store opening. A few days after that my co-worker happened to also mention SAJE and how she had just bought a Nebulizer. I commented on Elaine’s photo where she then told me there was a promo for nebulizers (make sure to check the site often for product promos!). So naturally I caved and I bought my first (aromaGem in Chrome Ultrasonic Nebulizer) but certainly not my last SAJE product.


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