monday.must: “I Love…Cosmetics” Spritzers

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I’m a fan of a good perfume / body spray. I probably own at least twenty different scents, and I use them based on my mood of the day (anyone else do this or is it just me?). When FarleyCo Beauty passed off this divine smelling spritzer, I knew I’d be in love.

For less than $5.00 CAN per bottle, this week’s monday.must is a steal!

(more…) Live Clean Apple Cider Haircare

Whoops, I took an unexpected week off. Big thanks to Alessandra for providing this for us!

So I have to be honest, I’ve always heard of the benefits of Apple Cider vinegar and how it could be used for your hair but I never actually tried any of the methods I’ve read about. That’s why I was so excited when I opened my mail and found LIVE CLEAN’s Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo. Woo! Now I could actually see what they hype was all about.

(more…) AMIE Bright Eyes Makeup Remover

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I’m super picky about makeup remover. Why? Makeup remover is in charge of taking off ‘the day’ – all that dirt, grime, and makeup needs to come off somehow. Without proper removal, you’re just asking for clogged pores, acne, and an overall dirty face.

So when I find a makeup remover that I love (specifically for eyes – I’m a lover of liquid liner!), it’s a big deal. AMIE BRIGHT EYES MAKEUP REMOVER is today’s


chic.feature: Where Does Your ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ Money Go?

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that BELL LET’S TALK Day was a resounding success. By 4pm yesterday, #BellLetsTalk had an overwhelming 60 million mentions. How incredible is that? It seems like each year the conversation surrounding mental health becomes more and more popular – as it should be. Mental health demands a unification amongst people – it affects every walk of life regardless of background, age, sexuality, or personality type.

So …. the next big questions on our minds: where does all that money go? Kudos to BELL CANADA for being transparent on their donations go! Find out where your hard earned tweets and retweets helped support.


canada.event: Bell Let’s Talk Day + My Story

It’s finally here - BELL LET’S TALK DAY. Unfamiliar with the initiative? BELL CANADA looks to end the stigmatization of mental illness by supporting local initiatives and promoting awareness. Here’s a quick recap of how BELL CANADA will donate to the cause:

BLT Funding Graphic


Here I am asking all of you to share your stories and experiences, it only seems fair that I allow you a small glimpse into mine.


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