Pear Shaped by Stella Newman

Pear Shaped

PEAR SHAPED by Stella Newman has all the makings of being a good novel but falls short. PEAR SHAPED has a good concept…but is actually quite a “miss” when it comes to literary works. A novel where the protagonist’s behaviour is slightly appalling and set’s women back a few notches, PEAR SHAPED by Stella Newman left me with a sour taste in my mouth.


chic.feature: Q&A with AMIE Founder Fiona Parkhouse + GIVEAWAY

AMIE Skincare

A few weeks ago, I posted about a fabulous new skincare line that really had me raving. AMIE SKINCARE is singlehandedly one of my favourite skincare brands – it’s clean, natural, and efficient.

Lucky for me, I had the ability to have a Q&A with AMIE SKINCARE founder Fiona Parkhouse. Click behind the cut to see….and enter to win a starter kit of AMIE SKINCARE for yourself!


monday.must: Joe Fresh Plaid Blanket Scarfs

This week’s monday.must is …. JOE FRESH’s PLAID BLANKET SCARFS. This is the item to splurge on for the week.

When I saw this plaid scarf on fellow blogger’s TEACH IN FASHION’s blog, I instantly fell in love. This beautiful scarf can be used as a regular scarf, a shawl, or even a sweater. It’s multi-purpose is phenomenal for the low price of $24.00 CAN. An investment piece that will last throughout the many winters to come!

Treat yourself!

monday.must: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time Jodi Picoult

I’ve been meaning to change things up on the blog for a bit, which includes adding new features. One I’ve been thinking about for awhile is “Monday Musts” – a weekly post about one specific product (could be a movie, book, piece of clothing, beauty product, etc) that need to be on everyone’s ‘must-have’ lists. These are the products that if you were to treat yourself to one thing each week, these items would be it.

Up first on monday.musts is a book that I’ve been personally waiting for for over 2 years. The item you need to treat yourself to this week is LEAVING TIME by Jodi Picoult.

(more…) Flower Beauty – Lips

I haven’t been posting as many beauty reviews, because as it so happens, a negative effect to a beauty product left me sidelined.

Sadly, I experienced first hand that what goes on your body goes in your body … and sometimes your body is highly allergic. You never really think about allergies to lipsticks, but I can tell you that they exist. A very ‘unpretty’ and painful experience, I’m now back in the saddle (only took 3 weeks) and ready to try out some new beauty products.

A random stop-in to my local Wal-Mart Canada had me come across these beauty products. FLOWER BEAUTY, a beauty company created by actress Drew Barrymore, is a company promoting quality beauty products without harsh ingredients. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try and picked up a few lip products for myself.

(more…) The Wonder of All Things by Jason Mott

The Wonder of All Things

Fans of Jason Mott will be excited – after his revitalizing last novel THE RETURNED (you may know it as the television show Resurrection), there was some big hype surrounding his next novel, THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS.

Jason Mott seems to enjoy the supernatural – with his last book THE RETURNED and his new THE WONDER OF ALL THINGS, Mott takes on the religious supernatural and succeeds…somewhat.


toronto.event: Pamperfest 2014 + GIVEAWAY



pamperfest logo

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to check out a fantastic event catered to those who love a little 20’s flair. PAMPERFEST 2014 is a unique event that brings together women and entrepreneurs for a night of shopping, networking, and fun.

Extra bonus – PAMPERFEST 2014 and I have a pair of tickets to giveaway exclusively for you! Keep reading.


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