chic.toronto.fave: Scent Trunk

Scent Trunk

A lot of people have a love for monthly subscription boxes. It seems like now there is a subscription box for anything and everything you may ever think of! From makeup to jewellery to doggy treats, I never recalled coming across a monthly subscription box for perfume.

If you’re like me, you love dabbling in new perfume scents and beautiful bottles. I love choosing a scent based on how I’m feeling for the day and I live for little Sephora perfume samples. Now, you can get monthly perfume samples sent right to your door.

SCENT TRUNK is a monthly subscription box that sends you samples of personalized, niche fragrances.


monday.must: Dry, Flaky, Damaged Skin Remedies

Did anyone else have a SUPER bad winter? My skin has never been so rough and damaged – I have dry and ice cold Canadian winters to thank for that. It felt like this entire winter was spent slathering myself in lotion after lotion … my skin couldn’t hold onto the moisture long enough to sink in!

If anyone happens to be in the same boat (my skin is still in recovery mode), I’ve got the best over the counter products to soothe extremely dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Read on!

(more…) Traceable

Traceable Documentary

What? A I know, long time coming.

This time, I have a documentary with a message. TRACEABLE allows us to be accountable for the fashion we were – can you say you know exactly where your clothes have come from? One year from the tragic garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, TRACEABLE hopes to invoke responsibility and accountability in the fashion industry.

If a $500 pair of jeans are considered luxury, but they were produced in a village where you can’t even drink the water, is that still considered luxury?



monday.must: Vichy ‘Cellu-Destock’ Serum



Vichy Serum

Big thanks to Kathryn for this week’s monday.must! A product that appeals to most ladies …

I have been noticing as I get older cellulite has been trickling in ever so much more. I was so excited to try the VICHY CELLU-DESTOCK SERUM FLASH because of its 6% pure caffeine formula said to be fast acting and differences visible within 14 days!

(more…) The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale

All novelists have that ‘one’ novel that they are known for – the novel that when you state the author’s name, someone would immediately state “Oh, she wrote …. , right?” (see CATCHER IN THE RYE, MY SISTER’S KEEPER, STILL ALICE, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA … etc).

THE NIGHTINGALE by Kristin Hannah deserves to be “her” novel. A flawless read that is a cut above all of her previous work, THE NIGHTINGALE can stand against some of the great fiction pieces from the last few years.


monday.must: Pym Collection

pym jewellery

Alessandra is coming to us with this week’s monday.must! An interesting look at PYM COLLECTION.

I stumbled upon this jewellery line while browsing through my Instagram feed recently. I follow Michelle Phan, YouTube makeup phenomenon and entrepreneur, and she had posted a contest she was holding through this jewellery company called PYM JEWELLERY.


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