monday.must: Hard Candy Sheer Envy Colour Correcting Primer

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Confession time: my skin is rebelling.

Between clogged pores and splotchy redness, I’ve never had acne problems as bad as now. All those years I spent gloriously acne-free are now coming back to haunt me in my late twenties. My other big problem? My foundation, which perfectly covers any imperfections, sometimes wears off at the end of a long day.

At my wits end, I decided to tip my toes into colour correcting primer. This affordable HARD CANDY SHEER ENVY COLOUR CORRECTING PRIMER was my first foray into colour correcting primer and it was a definite success!

(more…) Gaiam Fitness

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Kathryn’s post on fitness is the perfect way to end this week!

We all know that fitness should be an important part of everyday life. For me specifically, fitness has always been the best form of therapy. Whether it’s exercising at the gym, playing sports, bike riding, swimming or doing palates in my basement, keeping active has always kept my mind and body focused. We all know that fitness is a necessity but more so than ever there is an overwhelming push to be fit. Yes, the scientific evidence is prevalent, showing the positive effects but more so than that, like most things now-a-days, fitness has become a business. So, in such a wide-spread market of gym ads and fitness apparel stores it becomes difficult to really pinpoint quality. So, when I stumbled upon GAIAM I was overwhelmed by the quality and sheer diversity their product line offered and their mission to provide individuals with a product that they can feel good about.

(more…) Jurassic World

Kathryn is absolutely killing it with posts this week! Her following post? Flawless!

JURASSIC WORLD has had the largest box office opening in history, ousting Avengers from the number one spot!

Since the first Jurassic Park came out in 1993, I have been in love! I literally went to university to study Biology and I think a huge influence was all the times I watched Jurassic Park as a kid and still watch it now as an adult (a.k.a – big kid). So I can’t explain how excited I was to see JURASSIC WORLD…and in IMAX no less! There is no arguing that the original Jurassic Park is CLASSIC! Nothing can beat its inventiveness and sheer impact, not even CGI, surround-sound or Chris Pratt, sadly. But I definitely have to say it comes in a close second (tying The Lost World – Jurassic Park 2 in my opinion) as it works in its own right.


monday.must: SkinEnvy


Big thanks to Kathryn for this week’s monday.must! A perfect addition to any woman’s summer time routine … SKIN ENVY!

I’ve always known as soon as I got a “big person’s job”, one of my first big purchases would be sessions of laser hair removal. Coming from a family of Eastern European decent, I have always been afflicted with plenty of thick dark hair. With that thick dark hair and lightly tanned skin, I’m a prime candidate for laser hair removal to work wonders. So……I go religiously every 6 to 8 weeks. I love the results and with very little downtime, noticed a great reduction in hair! BUT I’m always concerned about what I’m doing to my skin. I exfoliate a week after every session to prevent ingrown hairs and moisturize daily. Yet, sometimes I feel like I can be doing more.

(more…) Landline by Rainbow Rowell

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This book was named GoodRead’s ‘Best Book of 2014‘ by readers. I’m a HUGE fan of Rainbow Rowell – at the heart of her books are voices that demand attention and speak with such a level of maturity that you’re absorbed into the novel within the first chapter. With her latest book, LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell… I’m not entirely sure I ‘got’ the same feeling. Great premise, great thought-provoking content, but missing the execution (and the silly addition of ‘magic’).


chic.toronto.fave: Wear Your Label

Wear Your Label

If you’re a follower or this blog or a follower of me on either Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know I’m a huge believer in mental health initiatives and public awareness. As someone diagnosed and living with mental health problems, I’ve always got a soft spot for causes that aide in some way shape or form.

WEAR YOUR LABEL came across my plate via BuzzFeed (is there any mood a good BuzzFeed list can’t fix?). A clothing store designed to allow you to “wear your label” and start conversations about mental health, I’m head over heels in love with this line. It’s got a permanent soft spot in my heart.


(more…) Out from the Underworld by Heather Siegel

Out from the Underworld

I’m not really a HUGE lover of non-fiction, but every now and then I get the itch to delve into someone else’s stories. Some of my favourite non-fiction and memoirs have been incredible tales of perseverance in the face of incredible odds. OUT FROM THE UNDERWORLD by Heather Siegel is definitely one of those stories … and a non-fiction read I’m raving about!


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